Welcome to APHIA

Asia-Pacific Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Association (APHIA) formerly known as ASEATTA endeavours:

- To promote, encourage and assist the study of Tissue Typing, Immunogenetics and Transplantation Immunology.

- To provide quality control, standardisation and other support including research advise for Tissue Typing, Immunogenetics and Transplantation

- To educate the public and the medical profession as to the necessity for a coordinated approach to the provision of Tissue Typing, Immunogenetics and Transplantation Immunology facilities.

- To establish, encourage and contribute to scholarships, fellowships and travel grants for the purposes of promoting or encouraging any of the objects of the Association.

- To provide expert opinion to government and private organisations on matters relating to Tissue Typing, Immunogenetics, Transplantation Immunology and related areas.

13th International Summer School 2017 (Dublin, Ireland)

Please click here  to read a report on the 13th International Summer School 2017 by Rhanye Mac Guad - University of Malaya

APHIA 2018: 11th - 14th of November.

Sydney, Australia